How to add Testimonial

add testimonials

See how to add Elements


Admin config


General option

Here you can config:

  1. Title : title size, title icon, title color, title align
  2. Sub Title: size
  3. Description


Source option

  1. Select category
  2. Max item
  3. Order by
  4. Order



Layout option

  1. Layout
  2. Layout mode
  3. Carousel mode
  4. Item width
  5. Item space
  6. Min item
  7. Max item
  8. Number of item to move
  9. Auto scroll
  10. Navigation: yes/no, align
  11. Pager: yes/no, align




Item option

  1. Content area : align, color, background color, padding, border radius
  2. Image: show/hide, crop, width, height, border radius, align
  3. Quotation icon : left icon, right icon, color icon, size icon
  4. Title testimonial: show/hide, size
  5. Category: show/hide
  6. Description: show/hide, excerpt length
  7. Readmore: show/hide
  8. View all: link, text
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