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    Am running rev slider on a drupal 7.51 site, all works perfect now apart from three problems:
    – when I press ‘export’ at a slider, the browser goes to a white screen, nothing gets exported or downloaded
    – when I press ‘clone’, the screen refreshes but no cloned slider appears in the list

    – When I try to import free sliders from your site I get an error (see earlier post that remains unanswered after more than 6 weeks (http://cmssuperheroes.com/topic/how-to-install-free-slider-templates-from-your-website/)

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    Hi, the same goes with me on Drupal 7.54. It seems that support does not care about it!

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    Still not answered, still no updates to the slider module to address this.. This is not really support CMSSH!

    Anyway, I did find I can duplicate sliders by going into the database and do some SQL. It’s not how it should be and not for everyone though. Mow also found that you can only have 25 sliders show on the sliders content overview. And can’t find the tpl file or view that rules that page so can’t change it.. 🙁

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    I confirm clone does not work. Further youtube videos are not shown in full width, right and left remains black. HTML5 videos work.
    Unfortunately I also have to see that over a month no answer to the question was given to me.

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