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    Hello and thank you for your help,

    Now that my website is created, I want to move all my files from root/test-directory to the root directory of the webserver.

    I made a backup of all files and of the database.

    Is there something to do with the template? Do I need to save something?

    thank you!

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    I ve tried to move the website.

    I ve had some problem with the template but now it s almost working.

    Just one question: How to change the title of the Home page? (see here: http://prnt.sc/f826sv )

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    And I would need the new version of WP Backery Visual ComposeR. could you send it to me? Thank you very much!

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    Sen (CMS help)

    You can use duplicator plugin to backup and move your site.

    To update the VC plugin to latest version you do 2steps:

    Delete plugin.

    Reinstall plugin: Appearance->Install plugin.

    Thank you!

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