FTP Tutorial

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a fast and convenient way to transfer files over the Internet. That is why many webmasters use FTP for uploading their websites files on their hosting accounts.

The FTP tutorial includes:

  • FTP ClientsLearn how to install, configure and use the most popular FTP Clients – FileZilla, CuteFTP and SmartFTP
  • FTP AccountsLearn how to create and configure multiple different FTP accounts and set the appropriate permissions for each one of them.
  • FTP SessionsCheck this page to find more information about the FTP Sessions and how to control them.
  • Change File Permissions Through FTP (CHMOD)Learn how to modify the permissions of your files through FTP. In this tutorial page you will find detailed information on how to “CHMOD” your files using a regular FTP client.

How do I start?

If you want to start a new website and would like to use secure FTP server with fast FTP connection and unlimited FTP access and accounts, you can check our FTP hosting services. For users, who need to change their FTP hosting provider, we offer free website files and database transfer.